Our Services

Operating a small business is no easy task, especially in an industry that is dominated by dealerships and corporations, but Brock’s has survived and grown for so long based on our mission statement;  providing quality, honest, and efficient service to our customers at a price that reflects our sincere time and skill.

What differentiates our services from a dealer is the care and honesty that goes into our work, and our customers. When you unfortunately get into an accident, we care about your well-being before the well-being of the car. We maintain a constant focus on the safety of your vehicle, always providing a transparent analysis of what needs to be done, and what can wait for a later time. Our staff is focused around providing you with a repair strategy that logically reflects your needs.

Our customers are loyal to us not only for our service, but for our friendship as well. Most of our customers quickly become good friends, and we believe that these relationships are the heart of our success. Whereas a dealer is completely hands-off, indirect contact focusing only on the repairs to be made in the interests of the dealership, Brock’s will always be a hands-on, direct partner, and will always factor in what is most important of all: the interests and safety of the driver.

Since our founding, we have always advertised ourselves as a “one stop auto shop”. Our goal is to provide you will a service that encompasses all of your standard vehicular needs, whether they be auto-body, or mechanical. Listed below are a wide variety (but not all) of our services. If you are unsure if we provide a service, please call and ask, or make an appointment. All customers are guaranteed free price estimation for our services.


  •         Quality paint work with Lesonal Paint
  •         Panel replacement and reshaping
  •         Bumper replacement
  •         Door skinning and door replacement
  •         Frame pulling and reshaping
  •         Windshield crack filling and replacement
  •         Mirror and door glass replacement
  •         Interior parts replacement
  •         Wiper blade replacement
  •         Light-bulb replacement
  •         Panel-gap re-alignment
  •         Door/Hood/Trunk hinge alignment
  •         Vehicle detailing services
  •         Scratch removal
  •         Paint sanding
  •         Interior cleaning
  •         Washing


  •         General safety inspections
  •         Vehicle value inspections
  •         State inspections
  •         Wheel re-alignment
  •         Battery quality inspection and replacement
  •         Basic to intermediate wiring replacement
  •         Oil changes
  •         General fluid inspection and replacement (power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, differential fluid, windshield washer fluid, etc…)
  •         Diagnostic services (check engine lights, airbag lights, tire pressure, ABS, etc…)
  •         Mechanical part replacement
  •         Vehicle tune-ups
  •         Plugging flat tires and re-filling air-pressure
  •         Mounting and balancing tires
  •         Brakes
  •         Radiator / Condenser replacement and service
  •         Recharging air conditioning
  •         Front end work (axles, control arms, trailing arms, tie rod ends, springs, shocks, struts, etc…)

Note: Projects are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on an analysis of repairs that need to be done, availability of shop time, and an understanding of a cost that reflects our emphasis on quality. We will NOT undertake a project if we determine the vehicle to be beyond repair, if we are unavailable to take on a project at the time, or if the repairs requested do not meet our standards of safety or quality.

For over 20 years now, Brock’s Collision Center has remained a staple in the Rhode Island auto-body and mechanical repair industry. We hope that you’ll take the time to stop in soon to meet our staff and talk about what we can do for you. Whatever you need to come in for, whether it be an oil change or a paint job or a check engine light, we always hope that your next visit will be as a friend.